About this Walk

My grandmother grew up in a small village in Wales. Her cottage was in a lush green valley. There were old stone walls banking old cobblestone roads; Pebbled lanes that lead to overgrown walking trails. An ancient wooden gate with rusted hinges opened to meadows of wildflowers and a brook that constantly muttered the daily gossip. The brook was home to the fairies! According to my grandmother if you stood very still and patiently waited you’d catch a glimpse of the sun’s rays reflecting off of their wings as they danced on top of the water sharing their daily news.  My grandmother said that if you were lucky enough to spot a fairy your life would be filled with love, laughter, and fortune for the rest of your days. I called it the Fairy Brook and I would sit on its banks in the summer sun and write stories, imaging the fascinating magical world of these aloof creatures.

There is a bridge over a brook in Confederation Park that reminds me of Wales. I believe that when no one is watching and the morning sun is just right, you can see the fluttering of tiny wings. My work is strongly connected to Confederation Park. I often find myself walking along the paths thinking up plays and stories.

During this walk, we will stop at three spots to be inspired, to write and to voluntarily share our work. There will be an emphasis on writing by and for children. Walkers will need to bring a pen and paper with them.

Quadrant: NW
Meeting Place: Confederation Park Parking 30 Ave & 7 St
Finish Point: Confederation Park Parking 30 Ave & 7 St
Walk Duration: 1.5 hours
Areas of Interest: Arts & Culture
Led By: Charlotte Nixon
Look for: We will meet at flower pots at the park entrance.
Inner City: Yes