About this Walk

Collingwood was another one of all those 50’s baby-boom districts — but it wasn’t supposed to be here. So how did it get developed?

  • How did geography affect layout and lifestyle?
  • What characteristics of modern suburbs were being pioneered?
  • Who lived here and why?
  • Why the nickname “Rabbit Hill?”
  • How did bald prairie become the park-like setting you see today?

Doug has lots of stories about old Collingwood, but if you can add to them or help bring the story up to modern times, that would be wonderful.  We’ll start and end at the triangle park between Culver Road and Cawder Drive NW, where there is free parking. We’ll climb one hill, use a back lane, and take one footpath; otherwise we’re walking flat or downhill on paved sidewalks.

Quadrant: NW
Meeting Place: Triangle Park between Cawder Dr & Culver Rd
Finish Point: Triangle Park between Cawder Dr & Culver Rd
Walk Duration: 1.5 hours
Areas of Interest: Urbanism, History, Diversity & Inclusion
Led By: Doug Coats
Look for: Short guy in a grey bucket hat
Inner City: No