About this Walk

The Brentwood Mall and Co-op areas are undergoing huge changes.  Come see what’s proposed for the area.
We’ll start by walking through the newly-redeveloped Blakiston Park, a sneak preview before the official opening later this summer.  Then we’ll take a look at the existing townhouses and towers, considering what lessons can be learned for future stages of development.

We’ll walk by the construction on the former car wash site so you can see what’s currently being built.  We’ll walk along the back side of Brentwood Mall over to Charleswood Drive where we’ll look at the overall site guidelines (the Area Redevelopment Plan).  We’ll walk back towards Co-op and discuss the plans for that site.

As we return towards Blakiston Park, we’ll stop at “the Village” where you can grab a coffee and muffin if you’d like.

Members of the Brentwood Development and Transportation Committee will lead the walk and give you a closer look at what’s being planned for our community.

Quadrant: NW
Meeting Place: Blakiston Drive and Brentwood Road
Finish Point: "The Village" and Blakiston Park
Walk Duration: 1.5 Hours
Areas of Interest: Urbanism, Architecture
Led By: Melanie Swailes, Peter Johnson
Look for: Meet at the Entrance to Blakiston Park right across from "the Village" (the former Rocky Mountain Bible College). We'll have clipboards and blueprints with us.
Inner City: Yes