About this Walk

Nose Hill Park is like a member of our community. Many of us have a variety of experiences and memories associated with it. Some of us grew up looking at it and experiencing it as a young child; others discovered it later in life. Maybe a friend introduced you to it or you more or less stumbled upon it. Maybe today will be your introduction?

By foot, bike, snowshoe, dirt, paved road or snow track, we have explored it, commuted over it, traversed it, breathed in the Rocky Mountains under brilliant blue skies from up top. It is home to a tremendous number of species of flora and fauna, serving as an important conservation space that also gives Calgarians the opportunity to relax, connect and recreate in an environment connected to both our prairie and mountain roots. Nose Hill is a magical place that I am inspired to share.

Quadrant: NW
Meeting Place: Nose Hill Park 14 St parking lot (the one just south of 64th St)
Finish Point: back in the parking lot
Walk Duration: 2.5 hours
Areas of Interest: History, Environment
Led By: Alex Mowat
Look for:
Inner City: No