About this Walk

Traipsing together up an old road, carrying blanket and drum. We are greeted by a Blackfoot Medicine Wheel as we reach the summit on the east side of Nose Hill Park. We sit in a circle, joined together by sharing and learning about the sacred medicines, the significance of the medicine wheel, stories and songs, drumming and sharing in a good way. We can make tobacco offerings at the Blackfoot Medicine Wheel to end our circle, then descend with blanket and drum to end our journey. This walk does involve climbing/descending, and is not recommended for those with mobility issues. Children and well-behaved dogs are welcome to share in the Indigenous Walk N Drum on the Hill. You are welcome to bring your own drums and blankets.

  • Weather Sensitivity: With the vast, open rolling hills in this area, we must give regard to appropriate weather conditions. This is one of the only walks that could be cancelled, so please watch for updates on this walk profile.
  • Please note there are no bathroom facilities.
Quadrant: NW
Meeting Place: Nose Hill Park 14th Street Parking Lot (Access: on 14 St., north of John Laurie, south of 64th Ave. NW)
Finish Point:
Walk Duration: 2 hours
Areas of Interest: History, Indigenous Community, Diversity & Inclusion
Led By: Cheryle Chagnon-Greyeyes, Elizabeth Cooper-Dodds
Look for: Red ribbons on poles identifying parking lot/vehicle, signage
Inner City: No