About this Walk

With this short 4-block walk, you can enter a historic Calgary community knowing nothing about it and leave knowing it well. Take a guided stroll along the Cliff Bungalow-Mission Historic Promenade with long-time residents Eilis and Murray Hiebert to learn local history and see the contemporary markers that celebrate it. Sites include the park named Mok’nstsis in honour of the Blackfoot people, the two bridges of the area, and the Promenade itself. We’ll cover a lot of ground in our four blocks – from the significance of this area to First Nations and to the waves of settlement that followed, from Francophone mission times to contemporary development.

Quadrant: SW
Meeting Place: Mission Bridge
Finish Point: Mission Bridge
Walk Duration: 1 hour
Areas of Interest: Arts & Culture, History, Indigenous Community, Neighbourhoods
Led By: Eilis and Murray Hiebert
Look for:
Inner City: Yes