About this Walk

Find out more about Brentwood’s Hidden Treasures!
We’ll meet at the Community Center and walk to the Brentwood mural.  Find out why there’s a dog on the mural and the significance of the other painted items.  From there we’ll take a look at one of Calgary’s outstanding examples of Brutalism design:  the architecture of concrete at St. Luke’s Church.

As we walk along Northland Drive, we’ll stop to discuss the redevelopment and changes planned for Northland Mall.  Have you ever wondered why there are two major malls (Northland and Market Mall) so close together?  We’ll look at the development and planning history that resulted in that decision.

We’ll continue along Northland Drive and continue along Brenner Drive up to Whispering Woods, behind EW Coffin School.  We’ll walk on the hidden paths through the woods.  From there, we can see Nose Hill Park, and we’ll look at a map showing the hidden creeks that start at Nose Hill and run underneath parts of Brentwood.  Did you know that the creek in Confederation Park actually starts on Nose Hill?

We’ll walk back down the hill on Barrett Drive, then down 33 Street to the Brentwood Community Garden.  We’ll stop at the garden and look at the original Skate Shack and community building next to the garden.  From there, we’ll return to the BCA.

Members of the Brentwood Development and Transportation Committee will lead the walk.

Quadrant: NW
Meeting Place: Brentwood Community Association, behind SWC Pool
Finish Point: Brentwood Community Association
Walk Duration: 2 Hours
Areas of Interest: Architecture, History, Environment
Led By: Melanie Swailes, Peter Johnson
Look for: Meet at the Brentwood Community Association (near the Nose Hill Library, just behind SWC Pool)
Inner City: Yes